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New development planned for East 38th Street

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A group of faith leaders and businessmen are planning to build an apartment complex on East 38th Street, about a mile west of Pendleton Pike.

“We are right in the vein of what we believe is a renaissance for this area,” said Kenneth Sullivan of New Direction Church.

He’s helping to organize the effort after securing a $100,000 grant from the Indianapolis Urban League.

“When it’s done it’s going to look like 45 units of affordable apartments that are going to be available for families that are in need of a new home, those who are within that affordable rate and those who need a break in terms of their rent,” Sullivan said.

The investment comes on the heels of an announcement in November from the Indianapolis government. The city’s Lift Indy initiative is putting $2 million toward homeownership opportunities and $300,000 into economic development including new apartments, homes and parks. Construction on IndyGo’s proposed Purple Line is expected to enhance bus service to the area.

“We’ve seen recently a new Goodwill center and facility go up. We have a new grocery store that’s coming here in Indianapolis set to open in 2023,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan hopes his efforts will prevent residents from being priced out of the community and give them a say in how the neighborhood is developed.

“We want others to be attracted to our community, whether that be business owners, small-business owners, other venues, other individuals that would like to step in,” Sullivan said.

Construction is expected to start in the spring after the land is cleared and an environmental survey is completed.