New Kan-Kan Cinema showcasing Indianapolis film talent

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A locally-owned arthouse cinema complex aims to be a home for all things film in the city of Indianapolis. The Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie was just a dream five years ago and now, after being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the doors of the theater are open.

“It’s so amazing to know we’re actually open seven days a week,” the Kan-Kan’s program director, Daniel Jacobson, said. “We have people coming in. The dream has come true. It’s a little surreal. I have to pinch myself every once in a while.”

Jacobson says the goal is for the Kan-Kan to be a hub for local film creatives where they can network, premier their work and celebrate their art.

Meleeka Clary, a filmmaker, actor and psychologist, is looking forward to celebrating her new movie “Three Corners of Deception.”

“The movie (is) about family,” Clary said. “It’s about romance, survival, struggle, passion, heartache and hope.”

The movie, based on true events, gives an audience a peek into her own life struggles.

“I never thought that I would actually want to make my own movie, (but) I wanted my voice to be heard,” Clary said.

She explained how her love for film was sparked at the age of 13 and how she grew from a young actor to picking up a camera and becoming a director.

Clary, a Boston native but current resident of Indianapolis, says she’s proud to bring her new film to both cities as well as six different states around the country.

Soon, Clary and her team’s work will be on display on the big screen for the Kan-Kan audience.

“I’m glad they gave me an opportunity to show my work … This is great and this is a beautiful establishment,” she said.

Jacobson says they want Clary’s story to be one of many.

“Filmmaking is a real career and in Indianapolis you can make a career out of filmmaking … It’s not just a side hustle (or) side gig — it’s a real thing.” he said. “People are making awesome work here in the city and we want to celebrate and promote that.”

Visit the Kan-Kan Cinema website for upcoming events and shows at the theater. Jacobson says they are also interested in working with universities to promote projects produced by students. They’ve already started working with Butler University and IUPUI.


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