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News 8 viewers share skills learned while in quarantine

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Experts say learning a new skill while in quarantine can be a healthier option compared to binging your favorite show all day.

CNN reports that not only can learning a new skill beat boredom, it can also replicate the productivity levels we are used to having in non-quarantine life.

News 8 took a poll on social media asking viewers what skills they have learned during the pandemic.

More than half of those who responded say they have learned a new skill while in the kitchen. Computer skills came in next at 23% followed by a tie between knitting/sewing and learning a new language at 12%.

According to experts, skills like learning a new language or learning to code could help boost a resume if someone in the family lost a job during the pandemic.

Language learning service Rosetta Stone has a free trial and Indianapolis based Eleven Fifty Academy is offering a free introductory course into coding online.

To see some of the skills News 8 viewers shared, watch the video above.