Noblesville man risks life, saves neighbor from burning apartment complex

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A Noblesville man risked his life to save his neighbor when their apartment complex went up in flames.

Duaine Davis said as he was rushing to get out, he learned his neighbor across the hall was trapped inside.

He immediately grabbed the handle, but the door was locked. At the same time, he felt his neighbor trying to open the door.

Davis said he eventually used his body to knock it down.

“As soon as I popped the door, I could see his ankles and he was behind the door, so I was trying to talk him into rolling over to where I could just drag him and then I saw nothing but black smoke and then I felt the fire,” said Davis.

He managed to pull him to safety just as firefighters showed up to help.

Davis said not only did he help his neighbor physically, the noise from the door falling woke up another family who made it out just in time.

The fire happened at the Pebble Brook Village Apartments in Noblesville.

A day later, Davis is living in a hotel. He said he’s in a lot of pain, but if he could go back, he would make the same decision over again.

“Just imagine if you were the guy, would you want somebody helping you?”

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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