Noblesville Schools urge state to have staff vaccinated

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Noblesville Schools is asking Governor Holcomb to vaccinate school staff. They sent a letter detailing some concerns.

The district is one of only a few districts in the state that have been able to have students in-person since the beginning of August. They say that’s due to the dedication of more than 1,500 teachers and staff.

Now, they need the governor’s help to keep the buildings open.

The letter describes how staff put their own health fears aside to be present and engaged with students and have been following extra safety protocols.

The district says staffing continues to be impacted and absences from teachers to bus drivers to custodians could quickly turn into a situation that would force them to close.

The letter also says it’s imperative that Indiana students must not fall further behind, which could happen if they go virtual.

The superintendent and the Noblesville Schools board of trustees signed the letter.

Right now, teachers as a group are not scheduled to get the vaccine any time soon. Currently, any Hoosier age 70 and older is eligible to schedule a vaccination appointment. People facing the greatest risk of getting the virus get vaccinated first.

The Indiana chapter of the American Federation of Teachers says the impact of the virus on the teaching profession here in Indiana is tremendous. Teachers are retiring early and being forced to use sick time.