Organ donations continue, Donate Life Month changes significantly

Organ donations continue, Donate Life Month changes significantly

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — April is National Donate Life Month, but in the midst of a viral pandemic, The Indiana Donor Network says this year it will look a lot different.

Events like Coloring the Canal, the Gift of Life Celebration Ceremony and education classes at driving schools and hospitals are all canceled or moved to July.

Organ donations are still underway across the state, but anyone who tests positive for the virus can’t give or receive organs, says Lindsey Johnson, community development specialist for the Indiana Donor Network. She also adds donor registrations are very low since the BMV closed, and she’s hoping families will choose to elect organ donation online as their way to help others.

“Everybody’s at home; they’re with their families. They’re trying to find things to do so it’s our way to asking them to help spread the word,” said Johnson, “and help paint the state blue and green from your home and consider your decision of being an organ donor and helping save lives.”

Blue and green are the primary colors for Donate Life Indiana, and on Friday, April 17 they’re asking you to wear or post blue and green in your communities and on social media.

At any time this month, you’re invited to visit their online Gift of Life Tributes page to see the faces behind organ donation, including the stories of people like Tommy Edward Cox, who passed and donated in November. He’s a Purdue graduate, Vietnam veteran, small airplane pilot and grandfather. Stories like Porsha Marie Duncan’s are there as well, who passed and gave the gift of life to three different people. Her family writes she registered a donor at age 16 when she got her driver’s license.

“The individual stories, those are our heroes. Those are the people who are living a legacy through someone else and literally giving life to another person,” said Johnson. ” It’s somebody’s mom, dad, brother, sister, even a child and they are true heroes.”

You can also pick up an organ donation support flag, and plan to attend the rescheduled Color the Canal event or Gift of Life Celebration, now set for July 26.

Follow this this link to learn more about organ donation during the pandemic from the Indiana Donor Network.