Peace ride honors life of Chris Beaty, killed during May riots in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — At least 100 people were out Sunday night for a memorial ride for Chris Beaty and to promote peace around Indianapolis.

The ride started at the NCAA Hall of Champions. Bikers made a few stops on the two-hour ride, including where Beaty was killed.

Beaty was shot trying to protect two women from being attacked on the night of downtown riots May 30.

His friends say he was always caring and helping people, which gave them the idea for the peace ride.

“We are going to try and keep this going,” said Adrian Bannon, who helped organize the ride. “It’s only going to get bigger and bigger so you know we just want to keep his name alive and make sure we are doing that in turn his foundation can grow as well.”

Bannon said they even donated bikes to honor Beaty.

Those at the ride are encouraging people to donate to Beaty’s foundation.