‘Pet Pals TV’: The dangers of keeping your pets in hot cars

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week, “Pet Pals TV” shares a fun, interesting and informative story about our four-legged and furry friend population.

This week, Patty Spitler, the host of “Pet Pals TV,” was joined by Marion County Superior Court Judge Gary Miller.

They discussed the dangers of leaving your pets in hot vehicles, shared steps you should take if you see a pet alone in a vehicle.

Judge Miller also talked about the legal consequences for owners who leave pets in a hot car and Hoosiers who rescue a pet from a hot car.

A few years ago, state legislators created a statute that gives some immunity for people who break a car window to save a pet. However, it doesn’t grant full immunity, Miller says.

“If you see an animal in a hot car and they’re struggling, you can take action, break a window, do what’s reasonably necessary to save and protect that animal,” Miller said.

Calling the police, staying with the pet until police get there, and taking pictures of the vehicle will help the safety of the animal, according to Miller.

Watch the video above to learn more.