Photographer captures pandemic through glass

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – A local photographer launched a project called #quarantinethroughglass in an effort to capture a piece of history during the pandemic.

Amy Auset Rohn, the owner of Auset Images, said she started taking requests to be her client’s personal “peeping Tom.”

Her goal was to capture the raw moments of people’s lives at home as they sheltered in place and she thought the best was to do that was from the outside looking in.

Auset Rohn began setting up photoshoots where she would stand outside a person’s home and take pictures of whatever they were doing through their windows.

She talks to her clients on the phone while she shoots to make sure they’re in clear view.

Auset Rohn also wears a mask which she said sometimes causes her glasses to fog which can be difficult while trying to take a photo.

She added taking pictures through glass is also not easy but it has created a fun challenge for her to work through.

Auset Rohn told a friend in Los Angeles about the project and the two have been collaborating. She said it’s been cool to see how even in other parts of the country, everyone’s life is very similar right now.

She’s also reached out to photographers in other states and even some in other countries in hopes of working together to show what the pandemic looks like all for different people over the world.

Her plan is to take the images and put them in a coffee table book.

You can follow her work on Instagram, Facebook or her website. You can also contact her through email if you’re interested in setting up a photo session.


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