Police from across US come to Zionsville for de-escalation, mental health training

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Police officers from all over the country will be in Zionsville on Monday and Tuesday to learn new de-escalation practices.

While this kind of training is not new to departments, the focus has heightened after many police brutality situations in other parts of the country this year. 

The 50 officers going through the training will take the skills back to their own departments and teach their fellow officers. 

Police will learn more about mental health and science behind conflict resolution.

Lt. Adrian Martin said the goal is to avoid physical contact in situations whenever possible. 

“It just allows the officer to have a better idea on how to paint the big picture and not necessarily jump into the conclusion that you need to go hands-on and remedy a situation by using a use of force,” Martin said. 

Chief Michael Spears agreed. He added his officers saw the need for this kind of training and organized the event on their own. 

“I am very proud of our officers. In our business, the use of force regrettably is sometimes necessary, but when it’s necessary we want it to be appropriate and within the boundaries of the law and policy,” Spears said.


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