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Police give Trooper Aaron Smith final 10-42 call of service before laying him to rest

WHITELAND, Ind. (WISH) — Hundreds lined the streets stretching several communities to pay respects to Indiana State Trooper Aaron Smith.

Smith died last week after being struck by an 18-year-old driving a stolen vehicle in Plainfield during a police chase. He was trying to put down a tire-deflation device when he was hit by the stolen vehicle.

While many say they did not know Smith personally, they say that his work in the community has made a lasting impact on them.

Addison Smith said, “Anybody who is willing to give their life coming here and supporting our community should be recognized.”

On Friday, people stood side by side to say their final goodbyes to Aaron Smith and pay respects to his family.

Emma Sizemore said, “Nobody should ever go through this. It’s hard, and I hope it gets better.”

Many said they were thankful for Aaron Smith’s tireless commitment to serving the community. Addison Smith, “You know it’s an option if these troopers and these policemen want to come out here and help us, and he was one of the people that chose to help and support our community, so I think that’s amazing.”

They add that there aren’t enough people that would put others first the way he did.

Abbigail Holt said, “Having somebody like that just in our community, it’s great because we need a lot more like that.”

They say they are thinking about his family.

Brian Walls, pastor of Christ’s Church, said, “I just hope that they know that a lot of people are praying for them and that our hearts and our prayers are with them, and that their community loves them and wants to support them, and, if they need anything, they can reach out to our church or many others.”

Desiree Buck said, “We’re thinking of them. You’re all in our prayers and my heart goes out to them.”

Community members say they will continue to work to keep Aaron Smith’s memory alive.


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