Pop-up, drive-thru coffee shop hopes to revitalize 38th Street area

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A pop-up and drive-thru coffee shop started Monday at the former Maple Road branch of Indiana National Bank.

It’s the start to a weeklong initiative to bring attention to efforts to revitalize 38th Street.

Blue Mind Roasting will offer coffee, cold brew, pastries and bags of their coffee beans from 7-11 a.m. through Saturday.

Co-owner of Blue Mind Roasting, Sarah Hostler, said it’s their first pop-up event as the local vendor is brewed and sold at restaurants and grocery stores around central Indiana.

The vendor is partnering with Friends of 38th Street to help bring people back to the community.

“Our singular focus is to advocate for 38th Street and it seems we’ve struck a real chord. There’s a groundswell of support building for the street, which you would expect given it runs right through the heart of our city. We just need it to get organized about it,” said Bill Oesterle, founding member of Friends of 38th Street.

Proceeds from the pop-up event will go to Blue Mining Roasting and the Patachaou Foundation. Customers will have a chance to donate to Friends of 38th Street’s efforts.