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Porch pirate steals supplies from salon owner, IMPD says it does not track porch thefts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Porch pirates are on the prowl in some Indianapolis neighborhoods, and a recent theft is impacting a salon owner. Belinda Benham, owner of Indie Mane salon, is searching for supplies after she caught someone stealing a package off her front porch through her doorbell camera.

She said the missing merchandise is a huge headache for her shop, partially because of supply chain issues across the country and also because businesses are still trying to get back to where they were pre-pandemic.

During this time of year, Benham says no business can afford to lose time or money.

“We have never been this busy before and then I suddenly get hit with this,” Benham said.

What the thief stole, Benham says, would likely be of no value to them.

“I think he’s gonna be extremely disappointed that he got nice chemical hair capes that are customized with Indie Mane on them,” Benham said.

But for her, those supplies hold special significance.

“I just can’t run to the store and go buy them. These are a three-month custom order that I planned for in the summer to get ready for the busy season,” Benham said.

The video captured through her doorbell camera shows a man jump out, take the box and get in the back seat of a car that quickly drives away.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says the department doesn’t track porch thefts, but added these kinds of crimes seem to be on the rise recently.

Benham says after sharing the video on social media, several neighbors told her they experienced the same thing.

Police shared some tips to help prevent these kinds of crimes from happening:

  • Display the use of cameras
  • Remove packages from porches soon after they are delivered (either by the owner or with the help from a neighbor)
  • Provide specific delivery instructions such as delivery into a garage
  • Use smart delivery box which allows packages to be locked in a container by the delivery company
  • Have packages delivered to a location where lockers are used to store packages, delivered to work, or delivered to a neighbor.

Quality cameras around the house help deter crime but also help officers identify suspects. These can also be shared with neighbors so others can be on the lookout for people or vehicles involved.