Pregnancy crisis centers in Indiana set to expand as Roe falls, offer resources

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Crisis pregnancy centers are bracing themselves for an influx of women that seek out services if and when Indiana restricts abortion rights.

As Indiana lawmakers prepare to take up this topic, crisis pregnancy centers are anticipating many more reaching out for their help. The executive director of the Great Lakes Gabriel Project, Linda Kile said, “The care that we provide and the services that we offer is going to… the need for that is going to just skyrocket.”

“We do feel like we’ll see an increase, and that’s what we’re really trying to do is get our word out,” the executive director of the O’Connor House, Michelle Corrao, said.

The Great Lakes Gabriel Project is a Christian-based network of church volunteers committed to offering assistance to women and families facing difficult or unplanned pregnancies. The nonprofit organization says they’re ready to expand their services, which includes free medical aid, child care, transportation, financial assistance, and more.

“We really just want to be there to let them know that we want to support them, and we have support thousands of women over the years in all different aspects,” Kile said. “We pray and hope that the women that come to us will choose life for their children, but we don’t pressure the women. It is completely their decision.”

In Carmel, the O’Connor House aims to help single, pregnant, homeless women in crisis.

“There’s goals that they achieve at the house from health care to finding a job and working and saving money and having a healthy baby, and they can stay at our house for up to 18 months if they need to or want to,” Corrao said.

Other resources include clothing, transportation, and professional counseling. Corrao says they’re also prepared to receive more women and she’s hopeful that others will see they have resources and options.

“Our ultimate goal is saving that baby’s life and if we can be there for them that’s what we want to do, and we want to love on them, and we want to be able to provide for them whatever their needs are,” Corrao said.