Pride Month shines light on added fight for black LGBTQ community

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — June is Pride Month and for many black members of the LGBTQ community, discrimination hits home on two fronts. There’s often a fight for equal rights based on ethnicity but also equal rights for sexual orientation. For some heterosexual black people the idea that both are one in the same can sometimes fall on deaf ears.

LGBTQ people of color are often seen on the front lines of Black Lives Matter protests. In recent days, like so many others, they’ve moved through the streets of Indianapolis.

“We are marching for Black Lives Matter daily supporting the cause of police and justices and police brutality not just in Indianapolis across this country,” said vice president of Indiana Pride of Color Devin Craig.

These protests just so happen to be happening during Pride Month, which is a time to celebrate people who are LGBTQ and support their continued fight for equal treatment. It’s an idea that’s not too far removed from what protesters are asking for now.

“In one voice you’re saying you want equality for black lives however when it comes to trans gay lives there are people and they are scared to touch those issues and it’s 2020 it’s a very real present concern,” Craig said.

The stigma of being black and gay still holds weight. And some, aren’t quite ready to accept the comparison.

But even though some aren’t quite ready to embrace the idea people like Craig and Indiana Pride of Color president Carl Thomas say they’re still ready to march quoting Dr. Martin Luther King: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

“We’re all fighting for one thing and that’s to be heard and that’s to be treated fairly and that’s to be treated the same,” said Thomas.

Advocates said there’s been major improvements over the years when it comes to valuing black gay and transgender people. And it’s important to keep making sure they are protected.

“I just saw a video yesterday of a trans woman being attacked and she was at a protest protesting for Black Lives Matter,” Thomas said. “So it is the same we just need to wake up and see that we are all fighting this fight together.”

Indy Pride of Color is in the process of organizing more virtual events for Pride Month. Including a town hall for Black Lives Matter with LGBTQ police officers.