Proposed ‘high rise’ distribution center in Brownsburg concerns neighbors

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — Signs that read “Not in My Front Yard” line hundreds of yards in Brownsburg.

Neighbors are concerned after finding out an “automated high rise frozen foods distribution facility” could be built off Ronald Reagan Parkway and County Road 400 North.

The building could be as much as 160 feet tall, according to a Board of Zoning Appeals application.

According Country Meadows Estates Subdivision secretary Marcia Soder, only people who live 600 feet from the center of where the facility would be built had to be notified.

Soder said she only found out about the project when a group of homeowners at the entrance of her neighborhood sent her the letter.

“We are not annexed in the town; I feel like we’re being taken advantage of because we don’t vote for the town officials that want this,” said Soder.

Soder immediately sent the proposal to all of her neighbors, and they soon began making signs and a website to help spread the word.

“I wasn’t trying to convince anyone to go one way or the other, I just wanted them to understand what’s going on,” said Amy McNeely, who created the website.

“At the first meeting we went to, there were people who said if this project gets approved, I will sell immediately and I really believe them, I really believe they will,” added neighbor Joanna Barrick.

James Spainks is new to the community and like many of his neighbors, he’s concerned about increased traffic, noise, bright lights and decreased property values.

“I’m all for — especially as a small business owner — bringing business to Brownsburg. Just that location doesn’t work,” he said.

Neighbors said this property is not currently zoned for large industry, but the Board of Zoning Appeals will likely vote to change that on Aug. 31.

News 8 reached out to the Town Council for comment and on Monday night had not heard back.


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