Protesters across the country call for ‘defunding’ the police, what does that mean?

(WISH) — Protesters across the country are calling for defunding of the police. There is a clear distinction between “defund” and “disband.” 

“Defund” means taking money from police and invest it in other places in communities. “Disband” means to dismantle the police department in its entirety. 

Supporters across the country say it’s not about taking away all money to police agencies, it’s addressing fundamental problems in policing and using the money for housing and education to help communities in need. 

In 2017, the Urban Institute reports state and local governments spent $115 billion on police. 

Activists and protesters in places like Washington D.C. and Minneapolis have been pushing for the change, but say it’s a process that will take some time. 

Major cities have already started to make decisions. 

New York City officials say they plan to move funding from the NYPD to youth initiatives and social services, while still promising to keep the city safe. 

In Los Angeles, the mayor plans to cut nearly $150 million that was part of a planned increase in the police department’s budget. 

The Los Angeles Police Protective League has said budget cuts will only make things more dangerous. 

The Indianapolis City Council has not discussed such a proposal.