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Purdue blocks major streaming services in big lecture halls

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WISH) — Purdue University has blocked major streaming services from some of its biggest lecture halls on campus. 

The action came after four months of data and analysis concluded that students were clogging the broadband network.

The pilot program blocks services such as Netflix, Hulu and Steam. The initiative started this semester and is active in lecture halls with more than 100 students.

The university's chief information officer said the action is not a punishment for students, rather a way to clear up space. 

Gerry McCartney said the streaming activity "has a serious impact on either cost or performance, so you know, we'd rather deal with the cost control here then say, 'Gosh, you can still do these things, please just do them in the classroom.' That's all." 

McCartney said Purdue is the only university to have this measure in place.

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