Red Line riders pack buses on 2nd day of service

Red Line riders pack buses on 2nd day of service

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — IndyGo’s Red Line platforms were full all along the route as riders tried out the bus rapid transit line on its second day in service.

Some riders were curious about the line, while others had been looking forward to the new means of transportation.

“I love it! It is so fun. We can go all kinds of places; it is right by our house, and we have a great time,” Red Line rider Laura Brim said.

For the first few days, some riders expected that the bus would be fuller than usual, but what they saw was far beyond what they could have expected.

“I was surprised by how packed it was,” Brim said.

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“It is a good thing. I am glad. I am glad it is getting used. I think that people are excited about it overall,” Red Line rider Dylan Hutson said.

Before the Red Line, IndyGo provided about 9 million trips per year, breaking down to nearly 27,000 rides per day.

“Yesterday, we had some buses that were over their capacity of 100 riders and we had up to 10 buses out yesterday,” Lauren Day with IndyGo said.

“To have buses that were full is just above and beyond exciting,” Day said.

Riders said they were excited about the convenience of the Red Line running from Broad Ripple all the way to University of Indianapolis.

“I like how quick it is and that it is really predictable,” Brim said.

“It was just thrilling to see the city embrace it and come out and experience both what it can mean for them getting to work, getting to child care,” Day said.

As riders and drivers find a new normal on the red line, IndyGo is looking forward to what the future holds for public transit.

“You can start hearing people in their conversations recognize how they might use this in their life, whether it is every day to get to and from work, or on the weekends to do special events with their friends and family,” Day said.

The Red Line is free for the entire month of September. The rest of the IndyGo bus system is free until Sept. 15.