Residents fed up with crime in Broad Ripple

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has been called to the intersection of Broad Ripple Ave. and Guilford Ave. 141 times over the last five years. They have been called for everything from stolen vehicles to shootings, and residents are tired of it.

“For sure it’s frustrating, because it’s a whole area that has so much potential that’s not really being used because people are scared to enjoy it,” said resident Haelo Graff.

She has lived in Broad Ripple for the last four years. She and her friends enjoy the vibrant night life, but recently that’s changed.

“My friends and I use to come down here a lot to just hang out at nights, but we’ve stopped doing that because of the shootings and just how it’s been dangerous,” said Graff.

She says the ability to just go out and have fun has been taken away.

“As it gets later, I do still see people here, but it’s just not like it used to,” said Graff.

Bryan Reeves lives and works near the intersection of Broad Ripple and Guilford, he was enjoying a night off this weekend when bullets started flying.

“Certainly could smell the gun powder waft into the bar at one point, so that was a little sketchy. Some of the patrons in the bar got behind things because they didn’t know what was gonna happen,” said Reeves.

He says it’s been unfortunate to see the crime take off the way it has, and it’s even more unfortunate that he’s just getting used to it.

“It’s not my first time that I’ve heard shots in Broad Ripple. It’s a sad thing that I’m kind of used to it, it’s kind of sad,” said Reeves.