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Riley Children’s Foundation creates fund to help with potential lost donations, dance marathons to look different

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- The Riley Children’s Foundation has created a fund to make up for lost donations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hospital is bracing for a drop in fundraising over the next several months.

Many dance marathons across the state can’t happen as originally planned and the marathons help pay for some hospital programs for the entire year.

The Riley Relief Fund will hopefully help fill that gap in donations. 

St. Mary’s College is one example of an Indiana school making the most of the situation. With only a few months to prepare, organizers were able to still put together a virtual dance marathon. 

Not only was it accomplished but the college also celebrated a fundraising record with $15,000 more than the previous year. 

Riley Children’s Foundation is working with other colleges and universities across the state in similar ways. 

Indiana University and Purdue University both have fall marathons, right now it’s too soon to tell how those events will play out. 

Fundraising for Dance Marathon happens year-round but a major portion of the money is raised in-person, at the event. 

Should an event you typically donate be canceled, you still have the option to give through the Riley Relief Fund.