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‘RVs for MDs’ group working to protect medical professionals, their families

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A Facebook group called “RVs for Mds” is helping doctors and nurses across the nation find temporary homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s made a huge difference for one Indianapolis nurse. 

Elizabeth Coelho de Lima told News 8 she didn’t plan to be working right now. She just had a baby in January and thought she would still be home with him but she was asked to come back early and help treat COVID-19 patients.

Shortly before going back to work, she asked some of her colleagues how they were keeping their families safe. Some told her they had sent their kids to live with grandparents, others were staying in hotels.  With a newborn and a 2-year-old, that wasn’t an option for Coelho de Lima and her husband. 

She ended up finding the Facebook page through friends in Texas, which is where the page first started. She said there were already several Indiana families offering their RV’s, Adam and Stephanie Raper being one.

As soon as they heard from Coelho de Lima, the couple took their camper out of storage, de-winterized it, and set it up in her driveway. 

The two families had only known each other through social media for three days before meeting in person to set up the RV. 

They said the entire camping community has stepped up to make this work. In Indianapolis, a company is even changing and cleaning tanks and servicing the campers free.