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Service dog named in honor of fallen IMPD Ofc. Breann Leath

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Fallen Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Ofc. Breann Leath was honored Thursday during a dedication ceremony outside of the East District Roll Call. Leath’s family was presented with an entry into the Congressional Record in honor of Leath’s memory and a service dog was named in her honor.

“While your daughter’s journey to serve and protect the community she loved was tragically cut short,” Congresswoman Susan Brooks read to Leath’s parents during a ceremony Thursday. “Breann leaves behind a legacy of service with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.”

Words from President Donald Trump read by Brooks and an entry into the Congressional Record were kind, but even that remembrance was hard to hear for officer Leath’s family.

“Because she’s not here,” Breann’s mother, Jennifer Leath said. “You know, at the end of the day, I still buried my child. At the end of the day, I still miss her.”

Breann’s own child, Zayn, is still trying to cope with his mother’s death.

“He tries to FaceTime her a lot,” Jennifer said. “Because that’s something they did all the time. It’s kind of a 3-year-old, how do you gauge what a 3-year-old really understands? If you talk to him, he says ‘my mommy’s in heaven’ or he says ‘my mommy’s right here in my heart,’ but he still tries to call her.”

But through the sadness, Officer Leath has brought a light to people’s lives after her death. A service dog named “Breezey,” in honor of Breann, will go on to help others. While her co-workers on IMPD’s middle shift keep her in their thoughts every day they put on their badges.

“You and your families sacrifice so much just for you being on this journey of being a police officer,” Brooks said.

Leath’s family says, yes, events centered around her are hard to go to, but they’re happy they can keep seeing that influence and watch others “live like Bre.”

“Because people are talking about my daughter,” Jennifer said. “And these people loved her like I do. It’s just another way of keeping her alive and keeping her at the forethought. If someone is going to do something in her name. If her presence is in the forefront of their mind and they do something nice for somebody else, that’s a win in the Bre catalog.”

IMPD wants Thursday’s dedication to serve as a reminder to other middle shift members that they are loved and cared for by their community and they have people praying for them every single day.