Shipping deadlines quickly approaching

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Shipping deadlines are quickly approaching and it may be time to thinking about getting in line at the post office.

Tuesday is the deadline for United States Postal Service ground service. USPS has hired extra workers to help with the influx in shipping orders. This year, they’re seeing more traffic than last.

Here a few tips: get in line early, know your zip code and the zip code of the person you’re sending the package to. That’s a big reason why some packages get sent to the wrong address or lost.

It’s also important to make sure there is a return address on the package.

Postal workers are also asking senders to take it a step further this year due to the influx in packages and impacts of COVID-19.

“A great idea is to also get a piece of paper and put it inside the package with your address and phone number if you’re the sender and of the person you’re sending it to,” USPS Strategic Communication Specialist Mary Dando said. “So in any situation, where the label comes off or what, we’ll be able to find you and call you.”

First-class mail should be sent by Dec. 18 and priority mail by Dec. 19.

There is an option for Priority Mail Express, which gives you a little more time. The deadline for that is Dec. 23.

USPS says these are just recommended send-by dates for expected delivery before Dec. 25.

If you’re planning to ship through FedEx, the deadline for two-day shipping is Dec. 22.

For Express Overnight, the deadline is Dec. 23.

If you plan to pay an additional fee, the deadline for Express Priority Overnight is Dec. 23. That’s for expected delivery on Christmas Eve.

The last day for ground shipping for FedEx is Tuesday.

Some post office locations are open on Sundays to help with holiday shipping.

Mail will be delivered as usual on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, Priority Mail Express will be delivered.

All post office locations will resume normal hours on Saturday, Dec. 26.