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Shop ‘Red’ hot Taylor Swift gifts at Francis + Fern on Mass Ave

(Provided Photo/Kim Pauszek)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Francis + Fern, located on the 400 block of Mass Ave, isn’t just a boutique—it’s a haven for Taylor Swift enthusiasts.

Stepping into this quaint bubble gum colored shop is a visual delight crafted by owner Kim Pauszek.

The charming space presents a myriad of Taylor Swift-inspired treasures. From candles to mugs, pens, apparel, ornaments, stickers, cards, and even gift wrapping paper, it’s a Swiftie’s dream.

The inventory isn’t just about merchandise; it’s a celebration of Swift’s artistry and fandom, a curated collection for those devoted to her music and persona.

“The thing we love about Taylor is that through her transparency and relatability she has been able to bond so many people from all walks of life, cultures, and ages together. She has been able to provide a sense of community to people from all over the world,” Pauszek said. “Nothing makes us happier than being able to provide unique and fun Taylor inspired items to our customers that we know they will treasure and adore for a long time coming.”

Beyond the delightful Swift-themed items, the boutique itself is an experience. Pauszek, familiar with the boutique realm through Francis + Fern’s Greenfield flagship store primarily focused on apparel, has masterfully blended fashion with kitschy delights in the Mass Ave location.

Here, it’s not just about stylish garments; it’s an immersion into a world of quirky, thoughtful gifts perfect for the devoted Taylor Swift aficionado or anyone seeking other unique, playful pop culture finds.

Shopping for yourself or a Swiftie at Francis + Fern? Here’s the price range to expect: Single pens, $5; Pen sets, $18-$20; Glass ornaments, $12-20; Custom tees, $46; Plant stakes, $14; Mugs, $24-$26; Stickers, $4-6; Candles, $24-$26; Prayer candles, $20; Greeting cards, $6-$7; Beanies, $32.