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Social distancing moves prom memories to social media

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — In the middle of a senior year that’s been anything but, Bethesda Christian Schools senior Cole Servizzi had a picture-perfect Friday evening.

“It’s been tough,” Servizzi said about school ending and graduation ceremonies being canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Oh, and no prom either.

Brownsburg High School senior Arianne Brown thinks just because there’s no dance doesn’t mean dressing up has to go out the window. That’s the reason for the the Front Door Prom.

“Just being able to wear the dress and have makeup and feel pretty like you would on your prom is a big deal,” Brown said.

Front Door Prom was a social media event organized by Arianna’s mother, Billie Jo. Seniors across Hendricks County were invited to capture a moment and share it. As part of an adopt-a-senior effort, she’s even involved a professional photographer.

The whole effort hasn’t been easy for mom. “I’ve shed many tears. This is the brave face.”

With understanding for the health crisis, Billie Jo Brown says she still grieving the many moments her daughter and others in the class of 2020 aren’t going to get.

Moments can still be made and shared. Cole and three other friends from Bethesda Christian Schools in Brownsburg borrowed front porches so they could be together yet socially distant.

He said, “I think it’s awesome. Today would have been actually our prom day. Getting to dress up, it means a lot because we don’t get to go out of the house much right now.”

So whether it’s confetti on the front lawn or a nice photo with your sister — she is missing her eighth-grade dance, too — or standing on the purple paws with your date outside the stadium, instead of focusing where the senior sports picture should be, it’s all about the senior in the picture and celebrating in a way that no one else has ever done.

Mom Billie Joe Brown said, “Give it all you got, make the memories, take the pictures, that way you will have that to last and carry you through.”

Daughter Arianna said, “I feel like we’ve made some pretty good memories making up things to do, so either way I feel like a pretty good memory.”

Memories that these kids can tell their kids some day, a life lesson in how quickly things can change.

So even when things seem dark, a nice smile and a pretty prom dress can make a difference.

Cole said, “I think this is a huge learning moment. I think this will help us prepare for the future.”