Some believe Indy 500 postponement may benefit the city

Business leaders and Indy 500 postponement

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Leaders from Visit Indy tell News 8 moving the Indy 500 could benefit the city.

The postponement gives city leaders and organizers more time to prepare and plan.

Additionally, teams and corporate America will have a chance to get back on track.

According to a study on the Indy 500 website, this decade the race will bring more than $210 million to the city.

Leaders at Visit Indy tell us with the race still failing in the summer travel season, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there is still time for people to adjust.

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One big event already happening in that August window is the Indiana State Fair. Chris Gahl, Visit Indy’s senior vice president of marketing and communications, said that’s a good thing.

Gahl said more events happening in a city at one time will keep people here longer. He believes the two events will complement each other.