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Some ready, others not as elective medical procedures to start as Indiana continues steps to re-open

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As part of Governor Eric Holcomb’s phase one of re-opening Indiana, medical and clinical practices will be able to start elective procedures on Monday.

For many, these are appointments that have been cancelled during the stay-at-home order.

There have been protests around the country over the last few weeks demanding steps towards re-opening. Just one week after people were protesting in downtown Indianapolis, the restrictions are being relaxed, however, not everyone says they are ready to take the next steps just yet.

On Monday, places like dentists’ offices and dermatologists can start seeing patients again after nearly a month of cancelling and rescheduling appointments.

Offices are going to be taking extra steps to keep staff and patients protected like increased personal protective equipment and cleaning schedules.

“I would be all for going to any appointment I need to for my health,” said Laura Gongwer, who was on Monument Circle on Sunday.

We spoke to people who were out on the circle on Sunday who say they are comfortable moving forward but will also take precautions.

“Yes I would wear gloves, face masked,” said Gongwer.

“We are still kind of up and down but I feel comfortable. I think we are comfortable to get out and start trying and moving around again. I think we will be fine,” said J.R. Colatorti, who was on Monument Circle with his family on Sunday.

While others who responded to our question online say they are still hesitant. Some saying they are rescheduling appointments and pushing them until at least June or July.

“It is always going to be in our mind, just keep an eye on making sure we are not breathing around people. It is kind of a new world now,” said Colatorti.

Even those who feel confident in returning to places like doctors’ offices say they are still going to protect themselves.

“I am going to be very precautious in watching my surroundings to make sure everyone is wearing their masks and things like that,” said Colatorti.

On Facebook, some say due to continued uncertainty and constant changing of information, the risk isn’t worth it to them and they would only be willing to go if it were an emergency.

“And more people are going to be coming out and just why not stay as safe as possible,” said Gongwer.

When the governor announced this past week that these steps were being taken, he said that the numbers would be closely monitored and that if Indiana sees a large spike in cases that we would have to step back and re-evaluate. He has not said if he plans to extend the current stay-at-home order that expires on May 1.