Study: Children in Indiana’s ‘On My Way Pre-K’ program outperform peers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Children enrolled in On My Way Pre-K, Indiana’s only state-funded pre-K program, academically outperform their peers well into elementary school, according to researchers at Purdue University.

On My Way Pre-K is designed for 4-year-olds from low-income families. The program prepares them for kindergarten and their educational careers.

Purdue University followed children from 2015 to 2021 to see how they benefited from being in the program.

Earlier this year, the researchers released their findings.

The results showed that On My Way Pre-K helped students’ school readiness and that the children outperformed other students in the classroom in both math and language arts.

“It’s actually a year-round program. It’s not just during the school year and it’s not just during school hours,” Marni Lemons, director of communication with the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, said. “Families can actually get care for their children during the summer. Also, they have the curriculum set to help prepare these children for kindergarten.”

To be eligible, children must live in a household with an income below 127% of the federal poverty level, their parents or guardians must be working, going to school, attending job training, or searching for employment, and the child must have turned 4 years old by August 4, 2022.

There is no deadline to apply.

For more information, visit the program’s website.