Supply chain affecting Indy animal shelter; asking for pet food donations

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The global supply chain has impacted a local animal shelter. The Southside Animal Shelter has asked for the public’s help in donating canned cat and kitten food.

Right now, there are 125 cats and kittens in the shelter and 190 in foster homes. Julie Duncan, the medical director for the shelter, said they go through 150 to 200 cans of cat food per day.

“The issues we are having is that we are not able to find the quantities we need for 200 cats and kittens,” explained Duncan.

She said the stores limit the amount of canned pet food to be purchased.

“We do approximately 15 loads of laundry every day here on-site as well as the laundry we have coming back in from our foster homes,” said Duncan. “We are struggling to meet the need there as well.”

The Southside Animal Shelter has a list of items they need on their Facebook page and website.