Teacher shares virtual learning tips & why parents should stay involved

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local teacher is sharing tips for setting students up for successful virtual learning.

The first thing to remember is that breaks are important. Students are supposed to spend at least six hours everyday in front of the computer screen taking notes, watching videos or reading. The biggest problem for teachers is when students rush to complete an assignment. Indiana Connections Academy teacher Casey Nidlinger says that can stem from not creating a comfortable learning environment.

Nidlinger says the first thing to do is designate someplace that is yours, specifically a quiet area without distractions. Next, it’s beneficial to find a spot with natural light, maybe by a window, and to make sure essentials like pens and papers are close by.

Some students won’t have desks at home, so the 8th grade social studies teacher says decorate your area. It can be helpful to think about what you might see in your classroom at school. Most importantly, the key is to stay organized by keeping folders, school work, laptops and books all in the same area.

For parents, Nidlinger says it’s important to double check your students gradebook at night. She says it parents are staying engaged then assignments will be turned in on time and grades won’t suffer. Plus, communicating with teachers is critical for virtual learning.

“I talk to my kids on the phone at least once a week and I talk to them on webcam once every other week at the minimum,” Nidlinger said. “It’s important just to make sure that they know that they are still learning and that there are still people that care about them and we’re all wanting them to be successful.”

The longtime teacher says many teachers were thrown into virtual learning due to COVID-19. She suggests teachers record themselves answering commonly asked questions and send it to parents and students. Plus, make shortcuts by sending weekly newsletters and videos to keep students updated.


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