Theater group’s kids film at their homes, edit it into spring play

Greenfield, Indiana, kids create Puzzle Piece Theatre to do spring play

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — COVID-19 has forced a Greenfield theater group to postpone the spring play.

The group’s director came up with a clever way to keep the kids and the production going.

KidsPlay Director Christine Schaefer knew the kids would be disappointed when they couldn’t do the spring play so she improvised. With a new way of acting she calls Puzzle Piece Theatre.

The play, ”Sherlock Holmes Solves a Mystery,” was filmed on cellphones instead of acted out on a stage.

“It left such a big hole in all of our lives that we needed to come up with something to fill it,” said Schaefer.

Schaefer says her group of 30 kids normally have two plays a year.

“They sent in audition forms and I filled the parts, and they had about three days to get all their filming done,” said Schaefer.

The kids, including seventh-grader Madison Raisor, who are stuck at home rose to the challenge and immediately started filming their parts. Raisor plays Lady Agatha, a complex character with a British accent..

Because the children are usually provided with costumes, the kids had to come up with them on their own. Kids took the change of pace in stride.

“It was upsetting at first because it was like, ‘Oh, we can’t do our show right now,’ But I was really happy because it gives us like more practice and it’s really fun for us. It really was fun,” said Raisor.

Once the kids filmed their own parts, they emailed them to Schaefer, and she edited them together using iMovie.

“What they can find to use at home to use as a prop or use as a costume, it’s just really been fun watching what they put together,” said Schaefer.

While the play turned out well, students hope they eventually get back on stage, but say the Puzzle Piece Theatre was a fun way to keep active during quarantine.

“I know it’s going to take a while. I hope we still do this Puzzle Piece Theatre, but I really hope we can do our shows soon,” said Raisor.

Schaefer says this isn’t the end of the Puzzle Piece Theatre. She says she will continue to do this during the quarantine and their next play is set to be released sometime in the next week.

Watch the “Sherlock Holmes” play online.