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Tornado debris pickup to end in Johnson County; Whiteland gathers for ‘camaraderie’

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — Johnson County tree removal contractors will complete their roadside pickup of woody debris caused by a June 25 tornado on Monday, the Johnson County Highway Department announced Friday.

The pickup site, which includes much of the area between State Road 135 and County Road 144 in Johnson County, was named a Local Emergency Declaration area.

People should bring any remaining woody debris caused by the tornado to the roadside by Sunday.

A department map shows the areas where pickup is happening.

On Friday night, the community of Whiteland came together in an event to raise money for the longterm recovery from tornadoes that hit the community on March 31 and June 25.

Organizers say they want the community to know they are still in this together long after the damage is gone.

Carmen Young, the town’s director of administration, told News 8, “We really needed an event to, again, bring the community together just as they did on March 31. Just a celebration and camaraderie of residents and letting them know that we are still here to help.”