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Tornado hit Decatur County, weather service confirms

(WISH Image)

MILLHOUSEN, Ind. (WISH) — The National Weather Service confirmed Thursday that southeastern Decatur County was hit by a brief, weak tornado on Wednesday night.

The 75-feet wide tornado had a maximum speed of 84 mph and traveled about a tenth of a mile. It touched down for about 2 minutes in a rural area about 3 miles west of Millhousen, a town that a 75-minute drive southeast of Indianapolis along I-74.

No one was injured.

The only damage was to a lean-to roof and wall on the east side of a farm outbuilding. Also, a small horse trailer was picked up and thrown to the north side of County Road 800 South. In addition, a two-by-four was driven into the ground about 20 yards north of the damaged outbuilding, and sheet-metal roofing and wood were thrown from 600 feet to 1,200 feet to the north and north-northwest of the outbuilding.

The weather service said the tornado touched down at 8:26 p.m. A tornado warning was issued for the area about that time.

Wednesday’s EF-0 tornado in Decatur County was the third in Indiana in 2022.

On March 6, an EF-0 tornado with winds up to 70 mph hit a rural portion of Cass County in northern Indiana.

On March 28, a EF-1 tornado with winds up to 105 mph hit a rural portion of Washington County, in southern Indiana, and damaged buildings in downtown Salem.