Treating seasonal affective disorder


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It can get pretty dark and cold this time of year and sometimes you might start to feel a little bit down and it might be seasonal affective disorder.

Dr. Danielle Henderson from IU Health stopped by the Daybreak studios on Saturday to talk about the mood disorder and how it can be treated.

“Seasonal affective disorder is actually a type of depression that’s impacted by the seasonal changes,” said Dr. Henderson. “What we’re looking at is symptoms that we would think about with major depression — depressed mood, lack of interest in doing things, low energy or fatigue, changes in your appetite, maybe some irritability.”

If you’re experiencing symptoms that begin around the same time every year and end around the same time each year, then you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder.

“There are parts of our body that really depend on the sunlight, so that’s why sometimes we can experience the seasonal affective disorder because the sunlight helps regulate our sleep, weight cycle, our mood and our sleep patterns,” said Dr. Henderson.

Treatment options for seasonal affective disorder are available.

Click the video to learn more.

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