Twice as many mosquitoes bugging central Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An abundance of rain in central Indiana has provided breeding ground for double the number of mosquitoes than is typical for early July.

The Marion County Public Health Department’s Mosquito Control workers are spending hours day and night battling the nuisance and potentially dangerous insects.

Crews are treating as many sites of standing water as possible and fogging trucks are making their way through neighborhoods, according to supervisor Terry Gallagher.

The department asks that residents join in on the team effort by removing all standing water on properties.

“We have a simple message. It’s not complicated but we just need people to take the effort and do what they need to do,” Gallagher said.

Common sources of collected water include plastic toys left outside, gutters, wading pools and unused tires.

Marion County has not tested positive for West Nile virus but drier, hotter conditions could increase the risk, Gallagher said.

Requests for treatment can be made in Marion County by calling Mosquito Control at 317-221-7440.