UIndy professor analyzes implications of President Trump refusing to concede

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A political science professor at the University of Indianapolis is analyzing the implications of President Trump’s refusal to concede. She says students are wondering what could happen in January.

Dr. Laura Wilson says this is pretty unusual. She says it makes people feel on edge and uncomfortable. More importantly, it makes Americans question where we are as a country right now.

The assistant political professor says the concession itself is more of a social and political tradition that Americans expect to see. It signifies the passing of the baton and provides the country closure. We’re just months away from the inauguration and for President-elect Joe Biden, concession papers need to come from the president. The assistant political professor says Biden needs to be able to get his own personnel in place. It’s also important for Trump. He has a few months left in office and is able to complete anything he wants and move his staff out.

Dr. Wilson says the paperwork to begin this transition hasn’t been signed because it would be seen informally as a concession. She says this speaks to the polarization in the country.

“There’s a big wedge between us as a country and I feel like this reemphasizes that,” Dr. Wilson said. “I know I didn’t have class today but when I do have class this week we’re going to talk about it. We’re going to talk about how my students are interpreting this and how my students should understand this. It’s not just simply a disagreement between two men but or an outcome of a major presidential election but it talks more about our country and the transition of power, this peaceful transition which is necessary in a democracy in order for it to be effective.”

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The UIndy professor says anyone in this close of a race should go through all legal avenues. But once they’ve been exhausted, she says recognizing it is important.

Dr. Wilson says President Trump has the right to challenge if something was done unfairly, but he can do that while conceding given the current election results.