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Unknown spill at Speedway CVS leads to an investigation

(Provided Photo/Indianapolis Fire Department)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Firefighters investigated a chemical spill Wednesday after two employees of a Speedway pharmacy were exposed to an unknown chemical.

Around 12:08 p.m., Indianapolis Fire Department units were sent to 2320 Cunningham Rd. in Speedway, which is the address of a CVS Pharmacy, on a report that two employees were exposed to an unknown chemical.

During their investigation, firefighters learned that a patient entered in CVS Minute Clinic Exam Room with an envelope which when opened, released a strong chemical smell into the room.

CVS staff tried to determine the smell when the nurse practitioner began experiencing chemical exposure symptoms.

The patient stayed in the exam room and was cooperative. He was released before firefighters arrived. The man took the envelope that contained the strong odor with him.

Investigators say it is uncertain what caused the smell, but meter readings a 0% for any hazardous chemicals inside and outside the exam room.

The two employees were taken to Eskenazi Hospital to be checked out. Investigators believe there is no immediate threat to the location.