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US Department of Labor recovers $46K in back wages for Indiana construction workers

A high-angle view of a laborer moving a girder at a construction site. (Cultura via Getty Images)

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) — The U.S. Department of Labor recovered thousands of dollars in back wages for construction workers in Columbus.

Investigators from the department’s wage and hour division recovered $46,125 in back wages for 35 employees after evaluating the Columbus-based Force Construction Co.’s pay methods on government contracts.

Investigators determined that Force Construction violated the Davis Bacon and Related Acts and the Contact Work Hours and Safety Standards Act by:

  • Exceeding the number of apprentices permitted under their respective apprenticeship programs in ratio to journeymen.
  • Failing to pay the applicable basic hourly rate to all laborers and mechanics on the job site. This resulted in overtime being calculated and paid at the wrong rate. Some workers were paid a percentage of the required rate when they should have been paid the full hourly rate.

“As more companies negotiate contracts for projects under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, they must fully understand the specific wage rules that govern government contracts.”

 Fernando Hernandez, acting wage and hour division district director in Indianapolis