Valentine’s Day breakfast option: Metro Diner’s Meat Lovers’ Stuff N’ Waffles

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Looking for a last-minute breakfast option for Valentine’s Day?

Eric Curry, from Metro Diner, stopped by Daybreak to talk about one.

Metro Diner is known for chicken and waffles but on Sunday, she showed how to make a special dish.

Curry made Meat Lovers’ Stuff N’ Waffles.

Check out his recipe below:

Meat Lovers’ Stuff N’ Waffle

  1. Prepare your favorite stuffing mix.

2. After you’ve made your stuffing add two eggs if you haven’t already. This will help the waffle cook in the iron and help bind the mix together!

3. Plug in your waffle iron and once it is hot, spray your it with cooking oil and scoop in your mix.

Make sure to spread an even layer across the entire iron. This will give you a nice full waffle and it will help cook evenly!

Next, your Breakfast Scramble Topping!

For our Metro Diner Meat Lovers Stuff N’ Waffle, we use bacon, diced ham and sausage links for the meats!

1. Place your pan on high heat and sauté in your bacon, ham and sausage.

2. Whip your eggs in a bowl and pour into your pan with all of the meats and scramble together.

3. Pro tip – we add cheddar cheese at the very end while we are scrambling, because who doesn’t love cheese right?

Once your Stuffing Waffle is fully cooked (approximately 10 minutes), carefully remove it from your iron using a spatula or tongs. Place the waffle onto your plate, top with your Meat Lovers Scramble and drizzle with your favorite Hollandaise sauce recipe.

Pro Tip – add a little paprika or Cayenne pepper for a little kick.