Vandals target Mooresville neighborhood


MORRESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Linsey Gabbard walked outside her front door to disgust, when she discovered that vandals had targeted her home.

The vandals broke into her husband’s pick-up truck, targeted her privacy fence and even the broke lights surrounding the home.

The trail of damage didn’t stop there. The suspects knocked over mail boxes, smashed a light post and left residents frustrated.

“I think it’s not fair, these homeowners go on others property and destroy it,” said Gabbard.

The frustration spilled over to Gabbard’s husband, who is asking for answers on what’s being done to catch the vandals.

According to the Mooresville Police Department, officers drove around the neighborhood looking for surveillance video. They also talked to residents and are now doing extra patrols in that neighborhood.

What police desperately need now is a well-placed tip from the community on who is responsible for the crimes.

“It’s very hard, it’s very hard. We are dealing with children or young adults who are dealing with this stuff,” said Mooresville Police Detective, Chad Richhart.

While police are searching for answers, some of the residents are working to start a neighborhood watch group.

It’s believed that vandalism often goes unreported, because victims believe the crime is too small to be reported.

However, police believe vandalism could be the precursor to bigger crimes, and that’s why investigators take vandalism very seriously.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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