‘Victor OlaBeefo’ on road to recovery


TRAFALGAR, Ind. (WISH) — News 8’s “Daybreak” recently introduced you to “Victor OlaBeefo” and now we’re getting to meet the calf in person.

“Victor OlaBeefo” is recovering after born with a leg injury and was named in tribute to Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo, who is currently recovering from a major leg injury.

The calf was born March 20. Forest Alberston bought the ground in 1965 and have had a lot of baby calves.

“We just enjoy the country life,” Alberston said. “We didn’t think we could ever buy this much ground but we worked hard.” 

But Victor stood out. Alberston says after Victor was born, he didn’t take to his mother right away so he bottle fed him. 

The veterinarian put a cast on Victor after determining had a compound fracture.

“You noticed how he’s dragging it,” Alberston said. “But that’s kept that joint stiff so it can go ahead and heal.” 

Alberston and his family are big-time Pacer fans and watch almost every game. His granddaughter picked out the name.

“I saw he had a yellow cast on and it just struck me that he was the little Victor OlaBeefo,” Ashley Walen Owens said. “We don’t name every calf, just the ones that require special attention. I was very proud of my witter banter.” 

Oladipo suffered a season-ending leg injury. The Pacers told News 8 the real Victor Oladipo is going through rehab in Miami. He sent News 8 a statement: 

“I was flattered and honored to hear about his calf. I hope it’s rehab goes as well as mine is going and it has a happy, healthy life.” 

OlaBeefo is expected to make a full recovery. The family will continue to monitor his leg. 

“Then we can turn he and his mother out in a small pasture where there is grass and they can develop even more of a relationship still,” Albertson said. 

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