Vigil held outside Lilly headquarters to highlight increasing cost of insulin

Vigil held outside Lilly HQ for victims of diabetes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A vigil was held Saturday night honoring the lives of people who have died due to the high prices of insulin.

Advocates for T-1 International, a type 1 diabetes advocacy organization, gathered outside Eli Lilly’s headquarters in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday night.

Family members of people who died while trying to ration their insulin spoke about what they call pharmaceutical greed.

One mother spoke about her son’s death saying his insurance co-pays of $1,300 per month were higher than his rent.

“This needs to stop, we need to make it stop. We can’t lose a generation of people because they can’t afford their medicine. It’s not right,” said Erin Weaver, whose son died this year due to diabetes complications.

Lilly is one of three companies manufacturing insulin.

T-1 International says the price of insulin has gone up by 1200% since 1996. Lilly’s brand Humalog increased by 585% from 2001-2015 alone.

Those attending the vigil lit candles and held a moment of silence for those who have died from diabetes.