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Walk through history during Crown Hill’s Heritage Tour

Walk through history at Crown Hill’s heritage tour

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Organizers of tours at a historic Indianapolis landmark are sharing its hidden tales.

The Heritage Tour is now in its 25th year at Crown Hill Cemetery.

It’s more than just a resting place. For a quarter century, it has hosted the Heritage Tour, an event that goes beyond the tombstones to delve into the historical narratives of Indianapolis, even reaching beneath the surface of its soil.

“It will start at the waiting station, built in the late 1800s,” said David Rieck, president of Crown Hill Heritage Foundation and Crown Hill Cemetery.

Knowledgeable tour guides lead participants, covering approximately 1.5 miles, so comfortable footwear is recommended.

“You will see Mazel Liam, and then you’ll also visit some very familiar names that you may know you know, the Lily family, you know, Gatling, who invented the Gatling gun, and of course, you’ll visit President Harrison, and James Whitcomb Riley up on the Crown,” Rieck said.

The tour isn’t solely an architectural exploration. It extends an invitation to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and embrace nature.

“It’s 25 miles of roads; you can come out here and walk, ride your bike, people bring picnics out here. It is just you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. But you come out here, and it seems to all meltaway. So it’s a great place to come and learn about history, our city, our state, and even our country,” said Rieck.

Scheduled for Saturday, you can reserve spots for upcoming tour dates in September and October. In addition to this tour, Crown Hill opens its gates to other tours tailored to different interests.