Whitestown teen uses art to help with sensory issues, creates videos to help others

WHITESTOWN, Ind. (WISH) — A Boone County teenager is using art to help with sensory issues, a side effect from a chromosomal abnormality. His diagnosis is so rare, it’s the only known case to date. Now, he’s sharing his story with others.

Isaac Stark is creating videos to help others with sensory issues. Determination is a powerful thing and it’s one the 13-year-old has in spite of having to re-learn skills that most take for granted. From working with specialists to online school, no matter what challenge is thrown his way, you’ll never see him without a smile.

His art studio has just enough supplies.

“I’m just kind of cleaning these tiles with alcohol,” Stark said. “I’m just putting this paint in this cup so it’s easier to stir when we mix it with glue.”

He is working on a project using the dirty pour technique.

“We mix the glue and the paint so it’s a nice clean consistency,” he said.

His health has improved, but it’s been quite the journey.

“It’s always concerning when you see something happening with your child that you know is not typical behavior or action of a child,” Isaac’s mom, Trish Stark said.

She says challenges began at a young age. Her son wasn’t able to hold a bottle and didn’t start crawling until he was two. Now, as Isaac gets older and growing quickly, physical endurance issues are heightened.

“He can’t walk about more than three minutes,” she said. “His legs start to shake and they just kind of give out on him.”

The chromosomal abnormality causes Isaac to lose skills. He’s had to re-learn how to walk and read several times. His condition also puts him on the autism spectrum with severe sensory issues and makes him immunocompromised. That has made it difficult to be in a classroom. His mother is thanking Indiana Digital Learning School for allowing him to get his education from the comfort of his own home.

“His overall health is good and that’s because he is being taught online,” she said.

Art is something the teenager has learned to love. It helps with triggers to his sense of touch.

“Luckily, nothing has happened in a long, long time,” Isaac said.

He creates videos to help others.

“I’ve had sensory issues before and i worked them out,” the teenager said. “So we just wondered what if other people have sensory issues too?”

The feedback has been overwhelming.

“Honestly, it just feels good to help people knowing they had to go through the same thing I had to once,” Isaac said.

His mother is there to help him with various projects and they’re a great team. Their goal is to work together to spread awareness.

Isaac’s art is for sale. He saves the money to buy more supplies to be able to create more videos.