With North Split shut down, leave early for your commute, INDOT says

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Drivers are encouraged to find alternate routes now that the North Split is fully shut down.

The 18-month closure will take some getting used to, but the Indiana Department of Transportation says multiple access points are available to get in and around downtown. Just plan ahead and give yourself extra time.

Shutting down one of the city’s largest travel routes is never convenient, but INDOT says when the project is finished, drivers are likely to be a lot happier.

“When it’s done, we’re going to have a completely, brand new interchange. We’re going to rebuild it from the ground up,” said INDOT spokesperson Mallory Duncan.

The stretch of road got its last facelift about 50 years ago. It’s deteriorating and no longer meets the city’s growing needs.

“If you are a person who just drives through the North Split on a day-to-day basis, don’t try it tomorrow. Take I-465. Just know you’re going to have to do that,” Duncan said.

Interstate 65 and I-70 will be closed between the North Split interchange and Washington Street. That area isn’t part of Erich Stauffer’s typical commute, but he said it’ll be a problem for any driver who comes through here.

“I’d probably use 135, Meridian Street or Madison Avenue, Delaware. That sort of thing,” Stauffer said.

The project will be broken down into three legs, with the idea of improving traffic conditions and walkability for surrounding communities. Stauffer said he’ll make adjustments but wishes there was another way to make the improvements.

“It’s just every other construction project you see, they do it in phases so I don’t know why they have to totally shut down the whole thing,” he said.

INDOT said it will be a headache for drivers as they get used it.


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