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Woman uses farm to provide others with eggs during pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – There is a small farm in the heart of Garfield Park and the woman who lives there is using it to help feed others during the pandemic. Jennifer Meeker grows fruits, vegetables and raises chickens. 

Meeker has always been self-sustainable, she’s an artist who owns her own ceramics company and she sticks to a plant-based diet, so mostly everything she eats she can get from her backyard. 

The front of her home doesn’t look much different from other houses on her street, but behind there is a chicken coop with eight chickens. 

Her chickens lay a dozen eggs every two days. Her lifestyle has always saved her trips to the grocery store and she figured there were probably others who could benefit from that especially right now. 

She made a post offering to give her eggs free to anyone in need and to her surprise several people reached out, all with different needs. 

Meeker said parents with kids home from school, told her they go through eggs more than any other food. Older people said it saves them from having to go out and one person is using her free service to deliver food to others. 

“Being a small business owner, all my art shows are getting canceled, I worry too but this is something I am going to have anyways,” said Meeker. 

All people have to do is reach out and she packages her eggs and people can grab them off her porch. The eggs also come with a personal message signed by Meeker and she includes each of her chickens names, too. 

You can either find her on Facebook and send a message there or email her at