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Yorktown fire chief: Closed internal door helped save property

YORKTOWN, Ind. (WISH) — Keeping internal doors closed at all times can help protect people and property during a fire by slowing the spread of the flames, smoke and heat.

Yorktown Fire and Rescue says a house fire over the weekend was contained to the living room because the homeowner had the bedroom door shut.

Yorktown Fire Chief David Boone told News 8 on Tuesday, “If you keep the doors shut in a room and contents fire, such as what we had, it does prevent the spread to other areas of the home.”

No one was home during the fire but closing doors especially when you sleep can be a lifesaving technique.

“When you shut a door it stops a lot of the smoke and heat from spreading in the home, and, the situation we had, the living room was on fire and the door was close to the bedroom,” Boone said. “With that door being closed, it stopped the push of smoke and heat into that room.”

Boone notes residential doors can still burn in large-scale fires so it is important to adhere to other fire safety precautions.

“Keep the door closed. You can roll up clothing and put it underneath the door so the smoke doesn’t come in through the crack at the bottom of the door,” Boone said. “Before you ever open a door, you need to check with the back of your hand so you don’t burn the palms of your hand.”

Boone said it is important to have a plan in place including alternate ways to escape and a meeting place for everyone that lives in the home once you are out of danger. It is important to have working smoke detectors in the home and to frequently check the batteries.

Daleville-Salem Township Fire Department assisted in this fire and provided photos to News 8.