Local teacher turning old trailer into mobile art studio

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  A local teacher is working to spread her love of art and make some extra money by making a mobile studio out of an old airstream trailer.

The purpose of the trailer is to be a classroom and art studio. But it’s going to take some work. 
First, the longtime teacher plans to remove and replace everything inside the trailer, including the old cabinets, appliances, floors, plumbing and electrical. The flooring, storage and work areas will be redesigned for flexibility and ease of movement. 

Vicki Ayres wants to be able to take the trailer into areas where art programs don’t exist, which she says is one of the first places school districts cut funding. She says it’s crucial to child development.  

“To be able to have that creative outlet and to be able to get your hands in something, being able to do something with your hands matters a lot to the kids,” Ayres said. “It’s like when they started cutting gym. We need to move our bodies. So we need to have that mind-body connection.”

The plan is also to have this as a second income. Ayres is putting in more than $10,000 of her own money. Luckily, a handful of community members have already contributed to her idea by pledging $3,000.  

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The travel trailer will be available for schools, community events and private parties. Ayres is currently focused on creating a rear hatch for ease of loading and unloading, which would make it accessible for all students.