Indianapolis Colts

Lucas Oil Stadium inspection revealed several loose bolts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Two weeks after a bolt fell from the roof at Lucas Oil Stadium, officials say it’s safe to use, although they don’t know why it fell. Several other loose bolts were found as well.

Friday was the first time fans filled Lucas Oil Stadium after a bolt fell from the roof and injured three.

“It’s a freak accident,” Austin Hookfin said. “You can’t be too afraid when you go into games like that. It happens, but you know, what are the chances of that ever happening again?”

“I’m hoping that they’ve been investigating and checking into it. I would like to think they’ve done their homework,” Lashaun Weems said.

In fact, officials said they have. Ever since the bolt fell during the Colts final preseason game, state and construction leaders have inspected the facility and gave an update Friday.

“It’s a huge building,” Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority Executive Director John Klipsch said. “All brand new structures have a loose screw or bolt after seven years.”

Turns out, it wasn’t just one bolt. Crews found seven others that were loose.

“The other bolts that we discovered that were loose don’t have any of the same qualities that that bolt did,” Klipsch said. “So we’re still looking into the cause.”

While they look for a cause, they’ve determined keeping the roof closed will keep fans safe.

“We know that we fixed the one that was loose and all the others that were loose,” Klipsch said.

The investigation remains on the minds of some as football season begins.

“I feel safe, you know,” Hookfin said. “It’s a freak accident.”

“I probably will be looking every now and then around, above my head,” Weems said.

Officials aren’t sure how long the investigation will last. They also don’t know how much it’s cost.

But until an answer is found, they plan to keep the roof closed.